full member of WEFA, Pricing

WEFA Packages and Prices

So you’re considering becoming a full member of WEFA directory, huh? If you’re here, you’ve probably already tried or FREE plan and discovered all the benefits you can get from our SEO positioning.

Then you’ll be more than happy to find out we have THREE different plans designed to suit the necessities of the different online businesses.

For those ones that are still unsure, only beginning, or trying different things, our monthly plan will suit perfectly! This way, you all can taste the benefits of all our features, but still can cancel or upgrade at the end of the month. This plan offers the standard features with the only limiting of 2 links per plan.

But if you’re more into it and want the full experience, then our premium and pro packages are for you!

You can choose from half-year and whole-year premiums and our whole-year PRO. The benefits increase in the number of links, the reduced cost, and the PRO plan includes a blog article! You will feel the power of investing in real SEO positioning!

But we know it’s hard for many entrepreneurs to trust in a marketing or SEO company; there’re so many of them out there! That’s why we want o prove our worth by letting you try any of our plans for free, see the list below for further information!

We’re more than sure that you’ll be sooner than later becoming a part of the WEFA directory, and we’re also confident that your SEO positioning will speak up for itself!

What are you waiting for? Grow up your business and your online visibility with the most extensive SEO directory! See our prices and choose the WEFA plan that works for you!

And hurry up! If you purchase ANY of our plans in December or January, we’ll include a free blog post as our Christmas gift and promise! Let’s make it to the top together!

Bring your SEO to the next level NOW!

SEO positioning is still one of the best ways to make your business grow. In WEFA, we’re more than aware of that reality and have made our goal to help all businesses out there reach their markets.

How can you access the directory? Simple! Just join us in one of our packages and get all the benefits and the best cost-effective advertising for your business.

Are you looking for full link options and maximum visibility in all our available sites and domains? Then a paid package is just what you need! You can select from our different options, intervals, and features to fit the needs of your site.

The best part? You only pay once, and you still get published in all our sites and domains! This way, you’ll take the most advantage of all our benefits without worrying about monthly bills.

Pricing Table

Select your package today!


1 Year with full set of SEO features

Blog article : Yes

Duration : 1 Year

Links : 3


Best Value


Lifetime package with many features.

Blog articles : Yes, up to 3

Duration : Lifetime

Links : 5 links



Premium package for SEO agencies.

Duration : 12 Months

Links : up to 10 links

Blog article : up to 10 articles


full member of WEFA, Pricing
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full member of WEFA, Pricing
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